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Why clean your filter?

Your pool filter is the key to keeping the water clean and ready to swim. Pool water contains dirt, pollen, dust, insects, leaf debris, and other foreign matter. Removing it is critical, so all the water flows through a filter that captures these particulates and prevents them from flowing back into the pool.

The challenge is that as the filter captures debris and particulates, it begins to clog up. As it does, the flow of water reduces, forcing the pump to work harder. If not cleaned regularly, this can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your pool pump and the clarity and safety of your pool water.

PoolLogic’s professionals make filter cleaning part of your scheduled maintenance. 

Let our experts take care of cleaning your pool's filter!

We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to keep your pool filter clean, safe, and long-lasting.
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How often should your filter be cleaned?

Your pool filter must be broken down, cleaned, and reassembled regularly to stay in good working condition. Regular cleaning also extends your filter’s lifespan. But how often should your filter be cleaned? It depends on the type.

We recommend that DE filters be cleaned at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. If you have a cartridge filter, we recommend cleaning the filter at least five times a year, depending on your pool usage and local conditions.

Our weekly maintenance package includes checking the filter and cleaning it when necessary. It’s all part of our mission to offer professional, no-hassle pool maintenance so you can enjoy your pool all year long.

What are the dangers of dirty pool water?

Is your pool or spa water cloudy? Murky water could be a sign that your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. And it’s not just a clarity problem!

Dirty filters can’t remove algae and other microorganisms, forcing you to use more chemicals, and creating a dangerous situation. Dirty filters also put additional stress on your pump and other equipment, shortening its life and increasing your costs over time.

The solution? Working with PoolLogic ensures that your filters are always up to the task of keeping pool and spa water clear, clean, and safe.

Benefits of Professional Filter Cleaning

Why choose PoolLogic to handle your pool filter cleaning?

Avoid Danger: Pool pump and filtration systems are pressurized and may be dangerous to work on without adequate knowledge and training, or the right tools.

Avoid Damage: It’s easy to damage your pool filter, housing, or filtration system if you’re unsure how to properly service and maintain it.

Safety & Reliability: Professional service from a trusted expert like PoolLogic helps prevent personal injury and equipment damage.

What our customers are saying

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raving customer reviews
Alan Walter
San Diego, CA
Kyle and his team were professional and had excellent communication. They did an excellent job coaching our pool filter.
Gerardine Henriquez
San Diego, CA
The service was professional, punctual and did a great job. I recommend them to everyone who needs pool service!
Amber Diaz
San Diego, CA
Pool logic is such a wonderful company! The workers are very efficient and professional. They are always very kind and complete there work in a timely matter.
Lisbeth Martinez
San Diego, CA
PoolLogic is the best place to get your pool serviced. Rony Mena was very thorough cleaning the pool and fast. He didn’t take all day and our pool looks spotless. I highly recommend PoolLogic for your pool cleaning services. They are the Best!!!
Emma Valdez
San Diego, CA
We have been using pool logic for our pool and spa services and had a great experience the entire time. The automated billing is convenient. The weekly maintenance keeps our pool running all year long without any issues. After every maintenance we receive real time data on the health of out pool as well as a picture as well as a list of the services provided. Roni takes care of our pool weekly and he is always on time and takes care of our pool like it is his own. We love pool logic. 10/10 recommend!
Jared VanTassel
San Diego, CA
The team at PoolLogic is refreshingly professional, courteous, and respectful, as well as very thorough and knowledgable in their work! Kyle was on time and very efficient in the work he did (filter cleaning). He even went above and beyond with the small details that are often overlooked. He was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. We highly recommend the PoolLogic team for you and your neighborhood.
Sean Ochea
San Diego, CA
We are new to the game as new pool owners and after an unpleasant experience with a prior pool cleaning service, I was referred to Poollogic. Kyle and his team were highly praised for their professionalism , promptness and service knowledge. Our service technicians Alex and Carlos have not only demonstrated all that and but more importantly are very courteous!

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