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Take the Hassle Out of Ownership with Expert Pool Care Services in San Diego

Located on the Pacific Coast in Southern California, San Diego is an incredible place to live. With cool, damp winters and hot, sunny summers, it’s the perfect place for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. That includes trips to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, exploring the incredible Slot Canyons and La Jolla sea caves, taking a trip over to Belmont Park, or just exploring the sunny beaches.

The hot, Mediterranean-like climate also makes it a perfect place to own a swimming pool. If you’re a pool owner, then you know how incredible it is to dive in and cool off without having to leave your own home.

Of course, you also know the hassle involved with caring for and maintaining your pool. The good news is that Pool Logic’s expert team can handle all of your pool care needs year-round. From regular skimming and water chemistry to pump maintenance, we do it all.

You can get a quote online, or by giving us a call at (619) 913-9335. We'd love to hear from you!

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raving customer reviews
Alan Walter
San Diego, CA
Kyle and his team were professional and had excellent communication. They did an excellent job coaching our pool filter.
Gerardine Henriquez
San Diego, CA
The service was professional, punctual and did a great job. I recommend them to everyone who needs pool service!
Amber Diaz
San Diego, CA
Pool logic is such a wonderful company! The workers are very efficient and professional. They are always very kind and complete there work in a timely matter.
Lisbeth Martinez
San Diego, CA
PoolLogic is the best place to get your pool serviced. Rony Mena was very thorough cleaning the pool and fast. He didn’t take all day and our pool looks spotless. I highly recommend PoolLogic for your pool cleaning services. They are the Best!!!
Emma Valdez
San Diego, CA
We have been using pool logic for our pool and spa services and had a great experience the entire time. The automated billing is convenient. The weekly maintenance keeps our pool running all year long without any issues. After every maintenance we receive real time data on the health of out pool as well as a picture as well as a list of the services provided. Roni takes care of our pool weekly and he is always on time and takes care of our pool like it is his own. We love pool logic. 10/10 recommend!
Jared VanTassel
San Diego, CA
The team at PoolLogic is refreshingly professional, courteous, and respectful, as well as very thorough and knowledgable in their work! Kyle was on time and very efficient in the work he did (filter cleaning). He even went above and beyond with the small details that are often overlooked. He was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. We highly recommend the PoolLogic team for you and your neighborhood.
Sean Ochea
San Diego, CA
We are new to the game as new pool owners and after an unpleasant experience with a prior pool cleaning service, I was referred to Poollogic. Kyle and his team were highly praised for their professionalism , promptness and service knowledge. Our service technicians Alex and Carlos have not only demonstrated all that and but more importantly are very courteous!

Pool Care Facts in San Diego

Think you know pools? Check out some of these surprising statistics:

  • According to Pool Magazine, 17% of homes in San Diego have a swimming pool. Phoenix tops the rankings with 32.7% of homes having pools. However, Texas and Florida combined hold 40% of all the pools in the US.
  • The average depth of swimming pools in San Diego is 5.5 feet, which is plenty deep enough to cool off without the drawbacks of a deep-water pool. And an Olympic swimming pool is only 6 feet deep, so you’re in good company!
  • The average square footage for swimming pools in the city is 600 square feet, which is larger than you might think.
  • San Diego’s warm climate means most homeowners can enjoy their pools during the spring, summer, and fall, but adding a pool heater can allow year-round swimming in these southern climes.
  • What’s your preferred pool temp? For most people, it’s between 77 and 82 degrees, but you might be one of those who likes it a little warmer. Lounging in the pool (versus active swimming) is best between 82 and 88 degrees.
  • The most common type of pool in San Diego (and the US) is a vinyl liner pool. A smaller number of in-ground pools use marcite or another material in place of vinyl. And over half of all pools in the country are in-ground rather than above-ground. Both types require different care and maintenance. 
  • Only 15% of the pools in the US are saltwater, but that’s projected to increase. Saltwater pools are easier on the skin and the environment, plus they’re simpler to maintain.

Speaking of pool maintenance, let’s check out some interesting care and maintenance-related facts.

  • On average, it costs around $90 per month for pool chemicals alone, meaning that going the DIY route doesn’t really save you a lot in the end.
  • Chlorine is important for maintaining a healthy, safe pool. It takes less than a minute for chlorine to kill E. coli, but many homeowners don’t know how to measure the chlorine level in their pools.
  • Most swimming pool owners say they know they’re supposed to scrub the sides regularly, but most forget to do it, which can lead to algae build-up.

Proper care and maintenance are essential for your pool. Not only must your water chemistry stay balanced to fight algae and kill potentially dangerous pathogens, but it’s also important to the longevity of the pool itself! 

Not sure you know the best way to care for and maintain your pool? Maybe you just don’t have the time for all that extra work. PoolLogic can help. You can get a quote online or by giving us a call at (619) 913-9335. We’d love to hear from you!

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